Russell Preisinger, CPA

Executive Director

Russell is the Executive Director of BusinessWise CFO and oversees all aspects of this firm. However, his primary focus is on CFO services because it affords him the opportunity to work more closely with clients to provide them with vital business services such as cash flow planning, profit planning and tax planning. Russell understands his client’s needs as he has owned and built several small businesses and sold his prior CPA firm to a public company in 2001.

Russell has over twenty five years of experience as a Certified Public Accountant working in private, governmental and public accounting. His vast experience has provided him with a unique working knowledge of many different client industries, as well as the keys vital to success within those industries. As a CPA and CFO consultant, Russell has successfully assisted clients with acquisitions, exit strategies, banking relations, debt restructuring, bankruptcy reorganization, cash flow management, tax planning and budgeting.