CFO Services Offer an Advantage to the Bottom Line of Many Businesses

All companies have a dire need for strong financial management guidelines as an effort to ensure that they are profitable in every area. Owners have the responsibility of focusing on client services, product quality and delivery and revenue management. In order to alleviate some of this responsibility and to prevent any area from defaulting, CFO […]

Choosing the Best Business Accounting Service for Your Business

Business owners and corporations have many challenges and concerns regarding their business startup and operations. Many of these challenges can cause the company executives to become completely overwhelmed and lose focus on what it takes to make the business flow in a productive manner. For those companies facing this type of challenge, it has proven […]

Merger Monday: M&A Market Continues to Heat Up

As the article indicates below, the M&A market is heating up. Could this market high be created by a perfect concoction of cheap money and corporate strategics and private equity funds’ eagerness to deploy excess capital in the era of low organic growth? I think so. This trend is not exclusive to publicly-traded companies, but […]

Budget Planning Can Lead to Success

Budget planning for your business doesn’t automatically make you a successful entrepreneur. But you’re on the right path, if you conduct some financial forecasting. Creating a budget allows you to accomplish business goals. A financial forecast is probably already on your mind most of the time, but it helps to see it in black and […]

For Insurance Providers: Why Your Client Needs a Business Valuation

Why Your Client Needs a Business Valuation   As an insurance provider, your clients look to you to provide them the peace of mind in case of a financial or health emergency. For business clients, not only do you need to watch out for the individuals in the company but also the future of the organization as a whole. Whether the company […]

Restaurant Edition: How to Balance Supply and Demand

Balancing Cash and Inventory Is your restaurant a full house every night but at the end of the month you’re still low on cash? Is your kitchen pantry stocked up with food that is never cooked? There can be countless reasons as to why your sales are not exceeding your expenses. On the bright side, […]