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How a Working Budget Benefits Your Business

Many microenterprises and solopreneurs believe they are too small to need a working budget. Some start-up owners who are busy launching their operations think it’s a waste to spend time developing one. And some small and medium-sized enterprise owners reason: “It’s just a shot in the dark, anyway.”But no matter how small or entrepreneurial your business, […]

What to Look For When Hiring an Accountant

As business owners, we share one common goal – growing our business. Although you may be an expert in your field and you have an all-star sales team, your full time CFO is crunching numbers in the back without letting you know what exactly your current financial status is. Even though you are winning bids […]

Should You Become the Face of the Company?

In today’s world, people often base purchasing choices, employment decisions and investment picks on their opinion of an organization’s top leader. Think of Martha Stewart, Steve Jobs or Meg Whitman. A company’s reputation is closely linked to that of its chief executive officer (CEO), and the credibility of the top banana greatly influences whether people […]

Cheap Accounting Services = Cheap Attitude

Too often does our firm come across small business owners who want to save as much money as they can by consulting their neighborhood accountant or tax preparer to take care of their Accounting and Tax services in a days worth of time. They assume that these “professionals” know exactly what they’re doing and are good at […]

How to Increase Capital by Obtaining a Loan

Whether you are just starting up or have an established business with tight slow cash flow, you will turn to banks in hopes of obtaining a line of credit. Unfortunately, we have all learned that when you are not in search of extra credit, calls from bankers keep coming in, yet when you are in […]

NVTC Small Business & Entrepreneur Event

This event was hosted by the Northern Virginia Technology Council (http://www.nvtc.org/) and focused on small businesses looking for opportunities to work with government contractors. There were 15 booths that had a mix of Federal, State, and Local agencies, each of which had a plethora of contacts and resources for small businesses and entrepreneurs to find […]

WSSC Women’s Business Expo

This was an event provided by The Small, Local and Minority Business Enterprise Office of the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (http://www.wsscwater.com/home/jsp/content/slmbe-program.faces). Upon arrival, we were able to speak to several minority business development leaders who provided us with applications to their organizations to not only add specific certifications to our company name, but to also […]

GWHCC Business Expo

This event was provided by the Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, which we are proudly members of (www.gwhcc.org). What a moving and life changing experience this was! Every kind of business imaginable attended; start-ups, established companies seeking to grow further, veterans sharing their words of wisdom, international organizations, and even individuals looking for the […]