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Merger Monday: M&A Market Continues to Heat Up

As the article indicates below, the M&A market is heating up. Could this market high be created by a perfect concoction of cheap money and corporate strategics and private equity funds’ eagerness to deploy excess capital in the era of low organic growth? I think so. This trend is not exclusive to publicly-traded companies, but […]

Budget Planning Can Lead to Success

Budget planning for your business doesn’t automatically make you a successful entrepreneur. But you’re on the right path, if you conduct some financial forecasting. Creating a budget allows you to accomplish business goals. A financial forecast is probably already on your mind most of the time, but it helps to see it in black and […]

Improving Your Profitability

Input Efficiency The first aspect of business operations is to examine input efficiency. This is commonly measured by knowing how much cost you incur for everything you sell. It goes beyond calculating overall gross profit by deducting from sales revenue the direct costs to manufacture or acquire goods. The truly useful figures are gross profit […]

Stop Fearing the Cash Flow Roller Coaster

As you know, starting your own business isn’t for the faint of heart, and you didn’t take the plunge because you enjoy leisurely amusement park rides. So stop fearing the roller coaster ups and downs of cash flow. Understanding your business cash flow allows you to plan ahead and gives you a high comfort level […]