Our Focus

BusinessWise CFO, a Fiducial Company focuses on providing outsourced CFO, accounting, tax, Mergers and Acquisitions, and management consulting services to Government Contractors, Not-For-Profit organizations and other businesses in the DC Metropolitan area and beyond.

Our staff consists of seasoned professionals, with experience in the areas of DCAA Compliance, Cost Accounting, Contract Pricing, Corporate Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions, and Taxation.

Our value proposition is simple. Why pay more for a full-time employee or a non-CPA firm, when we can provide you a dedicated team of subject-matter experts at a cost that is up to 50% lower?

What Makes Us Unique

Licensed Firm: Unlike many “Outsourced CFOs” and bookkeeping firms, we are regulated by several governing bodies making us accountable for our work

Maximizing the Value of Your Business: Our priority is to not only provide you the numbers but assist you in making profitable decisions

Dedicated Team = Consistent Quality: We will provide a dedicated team of subject matter experts who understand your business and are there for you all the way

Diversity: Collectively, we speak over 9 languages and have worked in 4 continents and multiple industries

Affordable: We can offer a monthly fixed fee option to reduce cost uncertainty and promote affordability